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Boutique Food

Max’s ‘good to go’ food range is available from Eumundi Meat’s, Noosa Seafood and Belmondos or directly from Max himself.

Quack the Rippers

‘you may need a prescription for them’

Bendell free range duck livers from Kilkivan are used to produce luscious duck liver pistachio, duck a la orange and duck liver sand crab pate’s.

Virgin Mary Pasta Sauce

 ‘break the seal to goodness’

This delicious and morish tomato based sauce is a great addition to pasta and many other dishes. Recipe’s to follow – ‘What to do with the Virgin Mary’.

White Trash BBQ Sauce

‘The flavour that just doesn’t go away’

A smoked southern style barbecue sauce that let’s the good times roll.

Uncle Doug’s Tomato Relish

‘A must for any gathering’

This one is the old fashioned family recipe that should never leave your larder.

Big Chief Tomato Salsa

‘Mardi Gras in a jar’

A New Mexican ready to go salsa that will make you scream from a float.